A Stacked Superbowl

The superbowl is one of the greatest excuses for a cheat meal...or day...

Whether you're cooking for yourself or a whole party, these dishes are simple, delicious, and unmatched!!


Start your friends off with a simple appetizer, Pigs in a Blanket. This dressed up version uses Millers Craft Meat BBQ chicken sausage seasoned with Kinder's BBQ sauce.


Millers Craft Meat BBQ chicken sausage (1pkg)

Crescent rolls (2 tubes)

Franks Red Hot Ranch Mix (1 packet)

Sour Cream (16oz)


1.) Simply use crescent rolls from the store, place your sausage at the larger end, and gently roll to the


2.) Place in a non-greased pan at 375 degrees F and cook for about 8 minutes, until crust is lightly brown.

3.)For a dipping sauce, I used Frank's Red Sauce ranch mix. All you need is the ranch packet and 16oz of sour cream. Mix well and let sit in the fridge for about 30minutes before serving.


Next up we have BBQ Chicken Wings, two ways. This sugar free version makes the day a little less guilty...especially since the smash burger is coming up next! YUM!


Chicken Wings (2lbs)

Kinders Sugar-Free Smoked Jalapeno BBQ Sauce (1/2 bottle)

Kinders Sugar-Free Garlic Roasted BBQ Sauce (1/2 bottle)


1.) Using 2 separate bowls, toss wings and sauce together. Make sure you coat them evenly and let them marinate for 20minutes. If you have time, I highly recommend brining your wings before marinating, this will keep the chicken moist and flavorful. (A simple brine is water and salt, but you can add to it with pickle juice if you are doing hot wings.)

2.) Place wings on lightly greased foil on a baking sheet and coat with the remaining sauce. Cook wings at 420 degrees F for 35-40minutes.

3.) You can also top wings with sauce after they are done cooking.


Le Grande Finale!!

Mustard-fried smash burger. I'm drooling. The BEST part of this burger is the beef. If you have an opportunity to purchase meat direct from a farm, do it. Grass-fed and corn-finished beef gives an amazingly fresh flavor that tastes clean and incomparable to store bought meat. You'll never go back.


Locally sourced ground beef (3lbs)

Burger buns (we went with Hawaiian and onion)

Yellow mustard




Favorite cheese (we used Jack and Colby Jack)


Avocado oil

Seasoning: salt, pepper, 1 egg, dried onion, dried minced garlic

Seasoned salt


  1. Mix meat with egg, salt, pepper, dried onion, minced garlic. Work all seasonings and egg and lightly form patties. Heat pan (cast iron preferred) with a little avocado oil.

  2. Slice potato into super thin pieces and pat dry. Let slices sit out at room temp for a bit to release any extra water.

  3. Once your pan is hot, place patties down and lightly press. **this is not where you smash it!!**

  4. While meat is cooking, heat up about 3 cups of avocado oil in a pot. test the heat by "flicking" some water in the pot, if it sizzles, you're ready. Gently lay in potato slices and spoon oil over the tops for consistency.

  5. Once the meat has cooked on one side for about 5minutes, flip over and smash the patty down. Add mustard to the cooked side and let sit. When your patty is nearly cooked to your preferred temp, drape patty with your favorite slice of cheese.

  6. While your chips are cooking, move them around and flip sides so they are evenly cooked. When done, place in a paper towel-lined bowl and season with seasoned salt. Toss and shake the bowl to evenly coat the chips.

  7. Once patties are all done, drop about a tablespoon of butter in your pan and spread evenly. Take your buns and place them down in the pan for a nice, buttery and crispy edge.

  8. Build your burger!! Start with your Franks Red Hot Ranch mix on the bottom, next comes the burger, then avocado, tomatoes, pickle and top of bun! Yum!!

  9. **Additional step** I did not do this, but you can also caramelize some onions for another great topping! Simply sauté thinly-cut onions in butter and garlic until they are translucent and browning.

Happy Eating!!

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