Hibachi Chow Mein

All the YUMMMM!!! Chow mein is one of my favorite foods and I am so happy to share my version with all of you! The fun thing about chow mein is that you can make it a variety of ways with different proteins! Let's dive in!

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes


Chow mein noodles (1 package)

Mushrooms (1/2 package)

Baby Corn (1/2 can)

Peas and carrots (1-2 cups)

Onion (1/4 sliced)

cabbage (1/4 sliced)

Protein of choice (I went with 1 lb of beef round)

Hoisin (1 tbsp)

Soy sauce (1 cup)

Peeled garlic (4 cloves minced)

Lakanto Sweetener Monkfruit Golden (or brown sugar) (2 tbsp) (Click for link)

Oil of choice (I used roasted garlic avocado oil) (1 tbsp)


  1. Boil noodles in a pot of water. While noodles are cooking, prep vegetables and slice protein into strips, set aside.

  2. Drain noodles and heat a stir fry pan with oil. (If you are able to use a wok, I highly recommend it!!) Set noodles aside.

  3. Cook protein on high heat, stirring frequently for about 3-4 minutes. When cooked half way through, reduce heat to medium and add vegetables and garlic with hoisin and your sweetener, stirring frequently. Cook for about 5-6 more minutes.

  4. When veggies are cooked down, toss in noodles and soy sauce, mixing well. (If you want crispier noodles, you can increase the heat and let the noodles sit at the bottom of the pan for 1-2 minutes)

Happy Eating!!

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