Quick and Easy Carbonara

Looking for a quick dinner for the family that EVERYONE will love?! You've met your match with this super delicious carbonara.

Story time: My in-laws were visiting for the week and suggested carbonara for dinner. All the kids love noodles, but not all sauces, so with it being a "new flavor"...suggested by Grandma of course..we got a standing ovation from every single one of them! Shortly after...we saw a pig fly in the backyard. So for all your picky eaters out there, or your simple noodles and butter kids, give this one a try, it surely was a hit!!


16oz Spaghetti noodles My fav for authentic flavor is>> Spaghetti Noodles | Rao's Homemade (raos.com)

4 eggs

8oz grated parmesan

8oz pancetta or bacon

salt and pepper


  1. Boil salted water in a shallow pot or deep pan (I like to use a deep pan to cook faster)

  2. Once water is boiling, drop noodles in and let cook until ALMOST al dente. You want them to finish cooking in the sauce

  3. Fry your pancetta or bacon in a separate pan.

  4. Crack your eggs in a bowl and add parmesan. Whisk until blended. **Carbonara recipes vary, some want you to use egg yolks instead of whole egg, but I honestly don't taste the difference and it still winds up nice and creamy. You can also add a bit of cream to it if you want, but not necessary.

  5. When noodles are ready, drain your pot or pan, but leave a little pasta water, you will want that for the mixture.

  6. Remove noodles from the heat and add pancetta/bacon(and grease), and egg mixture to noodles and mix well. Make sure to continuously stir because you don't want the eggs to scramble.

  7. Season with salt and pepper and serve!

Happy Eating!!

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